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Imagine a way to treat your clients with groundbreaking technology, without the risks usually involved with software development.

What if you could pilot new methods and innovations, without being sucked into high-risk, expensive projects lasting years.

Instead of using rebranded, catch-all software, wouldn’t you like to be truly involved in development, creating tailor-made products just for you?

Pleased to meet you, we are Hence, a software studio for healthcare innovation.

Together, we will create applications and exercises that directly focus on you and your clients. Every person is different and needs to reach his or her goals using specialized resources. We can help you realize these tools, tailored ​​to your requirements and responding to changing needs.

Therefore: Hence.





Le Dragon Chef

About Us

Work for Hire & Collaboration

  • Hence can be hired as a team
  • Hence can be hired as professional individuals for code, art and design.
  • Hence can be hired for project consultancy concerning code, art and design.

Collaborating with Hence guarantees:

  • Fast and clear communication
  • A quick and scalable process
  • Dedication & Involvement

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!


Ies Wierdsma



About_IesIes is the thinking power behind Hence Games.
With a background of Japanology, Mathematics, Game Art and a Bachelor of Art and Technology in Game Design his code is characterized by it’s neatness and easy access.
Recently learning Turkish alongside programming languages he can be described as technologically well versed.




Activities: Development and Design of Serious Games
Collaborators on: Gust, Mindlight, DAD-E
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Gray Lake Studios

Gray Lake Studios
Activities: Development and design of entertainment software.
Collaborators on: Skies of Saturn, MindLight, Gust, Omicron.
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Wijnand van Tol

Activities: Development of entertainment software
Collaborators on: Skies of Saturn, Shifting Bricks
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Activities: Development and design of applied games and playful installations
Collaborators on: Skies of Saturn
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Ronald van Wonderen

Ronald van Wonderen
Activities: Audio design & production
Collaborator on: Mindlight, Shifting Bricks
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Activities: Audio design & production
Collaborator on: Trippin’ Brawls
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Dutch Game Garden

Dutch Game Garden
Activities: Dutch Game Development Hub
Collaborator on: Office Space & Network Lunches
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